Washington Square Block Proposed RenderingThe proposed 15-story mixed-use project at NE 8th St. and 106th Ave. NE, which is planned to be developed by the Touchstone Corporation, has recently added a visual rending of what the building is planned to look like on their website.

The development would be located on the Washington Square block. As previously reported, the mix-used project would consist of 250 hotel rooms, 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space, and 600 underground parking spots.

The image isn’t very big and doesn’t present much detail, but it still gives a good idea of what it would look like. Do you think it adds to the skyline or leaves a lot to be desired? Sound off in the comments.


  1. A rather uninspired & top heavy design, IMO. Touchstone has approval for a monsterous canyon of similarly uninspired tall buildings at Park Place in Kirkland.

  2. With that much glass, should look really sharp. Wish they’d break ground before 2012 though!

  3. Do you know what angle that rendering is supposed to be from? Does that only suggest buildings filling half of the undeveloped space, with more development to happen in a future project? I just wonder when I see a large green space in front of the building.

    That rendering appears on flat ground, and I thought that the block goes all the way from 106th to 108th, which is a decent amount of hill as well.

  4. Looks pretty cool with all the glass. I am eager for any kind of project to break ground on the Washington Square lot.

    Looks like the second building will be very close to the condo tower though… there goes the view for some of the owners.

  5. I’m trying to figure out that angle myself haha. Good thing my unit isn’t facing south :B

  6. WA Square superblock project was master planned for 4 buildings surrounding a central square, so tenants of 2 existing condo towers knew about future expansion when they purchased their units.
    Since this portion was sold to Touchstone, new developer may build 2 new buildings, but how they fit into master plan “aesthetics” of Phase I + II of that developer is yet to be seen…?

    Huge amount of glass facing south, Green / LEED building? Sun / glare control onto 8th?

    Too early to tell.

  7. Who is the Architect for this project?

  8. Although this is outdated, I think it’s Mulvanny. Haven’t seen anything on their site though.


  9. i believe the view is facing west from 108th. Washington Square on right with Bellevue Place behind. the green space seems like it is for future development because no particular open space structure. would doubt Touchstone would leave prime property without a specific use.