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The downtown condominium project, Bellevue Towers, according to it’s latest press release is not only one of the region’s largest pair of buildings, but their recent sales make it the region’s best selling condominium project. The project’s sales are more than double any comparable project in the Northwest. Since January 1, 2011, they have closed or sold 90 of its luxury residences, with over 4,000 potential buyers touring the building.

In December of 2010, the Bellevue Towers underwent a significant change, moving into the hands of a consolidated ownership of lenders, organized by Morgan Stanley, establishing confident financial backing and helping to reduce pricing of up to 30% from original prices, making the residential units even more appealing to buyers. Ira K. Glasser, advisor to the Bellevue Towers’ ownership group says the new owners and pricing, “…has struck a chord with home buyers. The exceptional sales activity at Bellevue Towers clearly reinforces what the new ownership group already believed – that Bellevue Towers offers a solid value in a strong and growing downtown community.”

One thing that hasn’t changed about Bellevue Towers is the personalized way they work with potential buyers and their brokers, emphasizing a one-on-one relationship to help people find the right home to fit their financial needs. “Sales at Bellevue Towers have clearly outpaced other projects in the region,” says Patrick Clark, a principal with Realty Trust, the brokerage company working with Bellevue Towers. “Based on the past few months there is no question that our pricing has landed us in exactly the right place for the Bellevue market.”

“This is welcome news,” says Leslie Lloyd, president of the Bellevue Downtown Association. The positive sales numbers of Bellevue Towers casts a hopeful light on the year so far, and where the downtown area of Bellevue is headed.

Bellevue Towers has now sold a total of 209 homes of the building’s 539 units.


  1. When do all these people actually move in? The towers still look so very empty.

  2. I’ve heard they are all investors.

  3. Wow, another fluff piece. Does this blog have anything non-fluffy?

  4. Not bad news for downtown Bellevue… though I do agree that this is an article straight from PR.

  5. 99% of this blog is PR driven/funded. It would be much more interesting if it was an actual blog and not a puff machine for hyping nothing.

  6. I’m a fan of the site and appreciate any news whether a pr piece or not. Keep up the great work, and those who keep complaining, feel free to stop reading or start your own site. Also, investors or not, sales are good for downtown and the market….

  7. I agree with DBN Fan.

  8. This article is just further evidence that the market is continuing to pick back up and that Bellevue continues to be a desirable place to work, live, and play! I’m proud to be a Downtown Bellevue resident and patron. 🙂

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  10. Also, I would like to add that yes, Bellevue Towers recently put a press release out announcing that they their project has the highest sales of any condominium in the region. This was the origin of the article.

    This is a great milestone for their project, and the region. Bellevue Towers is one of the largest (if not the largest) condominium project on the whole west coast, it can’t possibly get enough attention!

  11. @Michael

    I have no problem with this article at all… I was just pointing out the tone here without making a judgment.

    A lot of people love this blog and rely on you guys to dig out the latest shops and restaurants.

    Even if some condos or restaurants approach you guys for some PR, I say why not do it… =) You guys gotta eat too.

  12. Thanks for the feedback Kevin! (Just to be clear none of our posts are sponsored or paid for)

  13. We started closing units at Bellevue Towers well after the start of the downturn in the residential real estate market. As a result the project has a LOW percentage of investors. Of the 93 closed and pending sales since the 1st of January, less than 10% are investors!

    Please visit the project, and learn more.