This Saturday marks the 1st day of the Saturday Bellevue Farmers Market. The Saturday Farmers Market will occupy a new location at First Congregational Church. The site location is 2 blocks east of Washington Square on 8th St. The market will take place directly behind the church in a big parking lot.

Washington Square, where the Saturday markets were originally planned for, is no longer available because they are planning to move ahead with future development.

The Saturday market runs from 10AM – 3PM. Opening day will have live music, free face painting for kids, hourly drawings for farm products, and a ‘Truck Farm’ that will be there from 1PM – 3PM. The new location also hosts free parking in designated areas.

752 108th Avenue Northeast
Bellevue, WA 98004-5108


  1. South, isn’t it? Two blocks SOUTH

  2. Disappointing but I would like to see development start on the site. I haven’t heard anything new on the future phase since the press releases in Fall 2010

  3. It drives me nuts when an actual address isn’t posted. Or at the very least an intersection. I don’t wanna have to google an address of a church just to find fresh food. :S

  4. @Rachel Updated with address 😉

  5. Just came back from there. It was the saddest farmer’s market I’ve seen so far. No offense meant to the vendors that were there (if you’re reading this: thank you!), but it was incredibly small. It needs to get much bigger to become interesting.

    I miss the farmers markets in Europe, where a hew blocks of a city get closed down once a week, and get packed with vendors.

  6. @Vincent I was there as well, And I have to say that I agree. I know there were a few vendors that will be there in a few weeks, but they need to rally for more vendors!

  7. There was an article at Seattle Times just this week about farmers’ markets.

    I think some vendors are really hit hard by the cool Spring weather and it’s reported that output is up to 70% down this year. A lot of them just stopped going to farmers’ markets because there is nothing to sell. 🙁

    Hope most of them will recover and more will show up as the weather gets better.