Suite Bellevue Place Restaurant Lounge

Suite Restaurant & Lounge is now open within the Wintergarden at Bellevue Place. The new venue is currently operating under a ‘sneak peek’ soft opening and is only offering its appetizer and drink menu. On Monday, October 3rd, the restaurant will begin offering their full lunch and dinner menu.

The interiors of Suite are reminiscent of a Las Vegas nightclub. The lights are turned down low, and there are tasteful pops of blue, pink, and purple lighting throughout. The most unique features you’ll notice when you enter the lounge are the very tall lamps that contrast nicely against the white curtain, as well as the grand chandler that is placed over the bar. Most of the seating is made up of white leather booths, perfect for small intimate groups.

Suite’s chic atmosphere is certain to drive excitement at Bellevue Place, adding yet another reason to choose Downtown Bellevue as a nightlife destination.

Suite Restaurant & Lounge
10500 NE 8th St, Suite 125

Suite Bellevue Place Restaurant Lounge Interior
Suite Bellevue Place Restaurant Lounge Bar


  1. Sweet. Looking forward to checking it out!

  2. This is an amazing, classy venue and lounge! We love it!

  3. @Sherri: what was the food like? I’m curious about their menu, and I could not see one posted at the door…

  4. We love the place. It’s a very good addition to the changes that has been happening in Bellevue. The owners and staff welcome their guests with warmth and enthusiasm, the food is good and the lounge itself is fabulous.

  5. This is going to be the lounge to draw in the “who’s who from all over- It’s the classiest venue on the “East side”. The ambiance, music, food & drink selection along with wonderful service made it a great experience! I hope the weather holds up longer because I love the outdoor patio area too. Suite is hands down the new place to go

  6. Great place. Excellent staff prompt & curtious ~ The food was great too and the interior is amazing. Felt welcomed from the moment our group stepped inside. Loved it !!!!

  7. Do you know what type of crowd they plan to draw in on the weekends? Will they have a DJ and try to compete with Munchbar/Lucky strike for the “clubbing” crowd or will it be targeting an older demographic?

  8. AMAZING EVERYTHING…fresh and diverse menu, excellent cocktails, gorgeous décor, hip music, attentive staff…a first-class rendezvous!!! Also completely unique and a place to celebrate anything or just the day!!

  9. classy? really? tacky sure… poorly made drinks ok…

    but hey on the latter i’ll give them the soft open benefit of doubt and try again. I *do* wish them well as they are now the closest bar to home but… can’t get past the decor atm.

  10. I give it six months.

  11. do they have a website or twitter?

  12. Who are some of the people above? They sure master the skill of writing like a PR person. =) I personally prefer that you state “I am XX from XX, and we invite you to come down because it’s awesome”.

    And it’s the first time that I see people use “tasteful” and “pops of blue, pink, and purple lighting” in one sentence lol.

    Anyway…. we should support this new place and check it out. Hopefully it will be as awesome as described above and is here to stay.

  13. @Kevin: The messages above tickled my spider-sense as well. It was just too many messages, to close to each other, and all sounding the same. Also, absolutely no mention of WHAT food/drinks were had. I didn’t want to say anything, thinking it was probably just me. Glad someone else felt the same way as I did. 🙂

    I might still try it, despite the ham-fisted PR. But it would definitely help if they had a freakin’ menu (or any kind of website, really) available online.

    If I try it, I will come back here and report on THE FOOD (you know, what with it being a restaurant and all).

  14. Just to get all disclaimers out of the way, I have not eaten there yet, but I was very much impressed with the decor. If the food is half as good as the design was, Suite will be a winner. We are planning to follow-up in mid-October with a more formal review of the food.

  15. it’s actually pretty good. we were there last saturday (9/23/11?) and it was an older crowd (25-40+) which was a huge breath of fresh air. some riff raff from the munchbar / parlor / lucky strike deal started filtering over late night – too bad the door guys can’t just be like “um, no, you can’t come in” – sweaty 21, 22 yr old ‘boys’ in baseball hats? come on. Other than that, great crowd on Saturday night. I hope they can keep that quality in tact.

  16. I plan on going there tonight to check it out. I did go to the grand opening and I liked what I saw.

  17. Calender above – The Parlor has a strict dress code which includes no hats. So your assumption that “sweaty 21, 22 yr old ‘boys’ in baseball hats” came into the Suite when you were there is inaccurate. Maybe Munch Bar yah but who cares? I like to mingle with a large cross section of people young and older. I am 42 years old. I assume that you are probably a “mature lady” that has packed on a few pounds over the years? I’m sure you will love their menu… lol..

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  19. The most awefull place to be in dt Bellevue. Bartenders don’t pay attention unless their your close friends. They forget your order and blame you for saying that you you needed up not wanting it you REALY didn’t. The owner of this place has so much potential if he hires the right people. As of right now he is loosing alot of money because of the people hired. Horrible horrible service. And this is not just the first time I’ve been here. I live across the street and would like it to be a cool place to hangout but shit! I’ve been there five whole times and have not been treated well. Good luck to the owner