Uptown BellevueLocal businesses are currently working together to promote Uptown Bellevue, the neighborhood north of NE 8th Street in downtown Bellevue.

In January, several merchants gathered at a meeting to create a collective vision of a unified neighborhood, share business ideas, and discuss ways to connect with the community.

February’s meeting led to the creation of the Uptown Bellevue Twitter account. The merchants also shared ideas for updating the Uptown Bellevue Facebook page and redesigning Uptown’s logo to promote the area as a “place to live, eat, shop — your neighborhood.”

This month’s meeting focused on involving the resident community, organizational structure, and community marketing efforts.

Some of the businesses participating in Uptown include: Flo Japanese Restaurant, ViaVita Café, Del-Teet Furniture, Yuan Spa, and Café Cesura. To learn more about Uptown Bellevue, contact Gloria Ramirez at (425) 443-7649.

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