According to a Bellevue Police report Ja’mari Alexander-Alan Jones, the suspected shooter in the Downtown Bellevue Munchbar / Mirror Ultra Lounge shooting on December 24th was taken into custody in Lakewood after a traffic stop Wednesday night.

Lakewood officers randomly ran the license plate of the Toyota Corolla that Jones was driving.  The vehicle showed that it had been reported as a stolen vehicle from Auburn.  Jones and his 20 year-old girlfriend, Maliesha Imunique Saleem were both arrested on the spot for the stolen vehicle. It was later determined during the stop that Jones was wanted in the Bellevue homicide.

After Bellevue police detectives were notified both Jones and his girlfriend were sent to the Bellevue Police Department jail. After both were interviewed in Bellevue they were then transported to King County Jail.  Jones was booked for murder and has $5 Million dollar bail bond.



  1. It appears that tracking this event the POLICE are so far on top of this alleged shooter.. the first phase seems to have competence of justice.. now lets see if our judicial system real does work… it is now up to the state and the prosecutors to see if they do their jobs correctly..This event will be watched closely by all to see if we really do have a justice system that is fair and equitable.. please remember that the young man had a gun, he was a felon, under age in an establishment serving liqor,and had a previous conviction for doing harm to another individual.. if this is not TEXT BOOK case then we need to go back and revisit our laws… one man is dead and the suspect is implicated in this death.. We only hope that the system does justice to keep this element from harming society and many other inocent citizens..Again, we should all be vigilant and follow the information released and make sure we contiue to demand competent individuals doing the work for our justice system… Fair and quitable…

  2. While, I agree, the main issue here is the shooter – the secondary issue is with Munchbar themselves. The establishment is for 21+ only, and serves alcohol. A MINOR was allowed into the establishment…with a WEAPON. Are there no pat-downs done in Bellevue? Particularly, if you know that you attract a somewhat questionable crowd – you’d think this would be a priority for the business to ensure their customer’s safety.

    This was a MAJOR fault of whomever is head of this establishment. There irresponsibility in protecting their patrons holds them just as liable as the shooter himself. If a lawsuit is to be made, it should not only be directed at the shooter – but the establishment, which is supposed to have a SAFE atmosphere, as well.

    It’s the same situation if you get food poisoning at a restaurant. They are supposed to product safe food to eat, if they don’t – they are held liable.

  3. C’mon, were you there? It’s not like the guy was 12. He was 20, and who knows, maybe he had a fake ID or something. Maybe he looked well over 21 that night. Instead of holding Munchbar liable, why don’t we hold Toyota liable since that’s how he got there? Or hold Bellevue liable since there’s where the bar is located?

  4. What are you arguing about? Munchbar’s liability isn’t really in question. They are responsible, and probably already have insurance to cover this type of mishap.