Soma Towers Bellevue
Su Development recently reached the top floor of construction at Soma Towers in downtown Bellevue.

Construction for the mixed-use retail and 148-unit apartment project began in May 2012. Crews poured the roof deck last month, and the 21-story apartment tower is expected to open for occupancy in spring 2014, according to a press statement.

Soma Towers is the first high-rise built in downtown Bellevue since the Great Recession, showing that there is continued demand for apartment dwelling in downtown Bellevue.

The apartment tower is located at NE 2nd Street and 106th Avenue NE, across the street from Taco Time.


  1. Completed? This building is still 7-8 months from opening. What part of that picture looks complete to yuou?

  2. Do the developers actually know what Soma means? From wikipedia: A fictional hallucinogenic drug in Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, Brave New World and 1962 novel, Island

  3. Nice. And great book. Wish it meant that, but in actuality, it is Latin for “body” as in the SOMAtic nervous system or psychoSOMAtic disorders. Perhaps that was Huxley’s intention: Soma, a drug that affects the mind’s perception of the body.

  4. At least they can easily pop downstairs and get some Taco Time.

  5. What’s up with the four-story concrete obelisk in front of this building? You can’t see it from this photo, but it’s right in the sw corner.

  6. It’s just referring to the first phase being complete, not the whole building.

  7. I agree. The title is totally misleading. It should say major phase of construction nears completion or something like that. Not only is this thing still 8 months away from complete, but a 2nd connecting building is planned next door to it. With that said, it’s good to see this construction happening – a good sign that things are turning around albeit slowly.

  8. Trapper – In this case, SoMa means “South of Mall”. Its used as description of an area of Downtown Bellevue.
    Jonka – The four story obelisk is actually a three story retail elevator that connects to the first two levels of the parking garage downstairs. It will look like an artistic glass and aluminum cone when finished.

  9. Do you or anybody know what the rent will go for? and what will the Amenities be.

  10. I’m currently living at the Element my lease is over in April. I do like it there be there now 2 years. Great staff…ect…