Cafe Habits at Bellevue Galleria ClosesCafe Habits at the center of the Bellevue Galleria plaza has closed after 15 years of being in business. The cafe, which is located within an outdoor setting at 106th Ave NE has removed all signage and furnishings from the space. There is a note on the windows communicating that that the Cafe lease has expired and thanking customers for the 15 years of business.

There currently is not any information for what will replace the cafe.


  1. Really sad to see them go!

  2. Looks like a good place for a Christmas shop.

    A newsstand looks like it belongs there but that wouldn’t last very long

  3. According to the agent representing the owner- they are asking for $70+/sqft Doubtful that they will get any sustainable business at that rate in the space.

  4. Cafe Habits wasn’t so great and their prices were sky high. Hopefully next restaurant will be better there.