888 108th Avenue Tower_1The real estate developer, CD Heritage has received partial approval from the City of Bellevue for their design review of 888 108th Avenue Tower, according to City of Bellevue records. The 19-story building is proposed to have 157 residential apartment units and five levels of below-grade parking for 211 vehicles. The development will also include 900 square feet of commercial space.

The roof of the building is planned to have amenity areas with a variety of both interior and exterior spaces.

The development address is 888 108th Ave NE, which is next to U.S. Bank.

888 108th Avenue Tower_3 888 108th Avenue Tower_2 888 108th Avenue Tower_4


  1. Adding yet ANOTHER apartment building to the already over crowded city? Issaquah looks better every day, glad I moved. Hellvue is becoming the worst place on earth.

  2. Fantastic! Downtown Bellevue is the perfect “downtown” living without too much of the “crazi-ness”. Adding more living-space to the work-space creates competition on costs hopefully – living in DT has been the most fun for my son and I 🙂

  3. We live in such an awesome city!! 🙂

  4. @Bruce, I’m sure Bellevue misses you. Enjoy living out in the sticks. Bet you hate your commute.

  5. Chinese people will be paying loads of money for this address

  6. @Bruce – Bellevue is much happier without you… Thanks for leaving. Now if only you’d stop being a troll that would be great.

  7. I love seeing more investment in DT Bellevue. It’s good to see projects of this size – says so much about belief in our city as a great place to invest time, energy, and effort.

  8. @Bruce – You should know a website dedicated to what is happening in our city would not respond well to rude comments from a former resident. You may have your opinion, just don’t expect us to care.

  9. Bellevue crowded? lol, maybe with cars.

    Wish we could get another 20-30 of these, then we’d start hitting some critical mass.

  10. Building design looks great! I love seeing 9it skyline growing with unique and complex designs.

  11. Building design looks great! I love seeing our skyline growing with unique and complex designs.