Photo Credit: Gene Juarez

Gene Juarez Salons and Spas is now open in Bellevue at their new location within The Shops at The Bravern. It was announced in October of 2016 that they would be relocating from Bellevue Connection, formerly known as Bellevue Galleria.

The award-winning salon and spa offers hair, makeup, as well as a medical spa, massage, manicure, pedicure and more. According to the Gene Juarez website they have also created a standalone environment called Gene Juarez Men, catering to men. Gene Juarez Men will offer haircuts that include a shampoo, hot towel treatment and haircut, as well many other tailored services. There is a separate website for more information and booking.

There have been many stores at The Bravern that have closed over the past few years, including Red Door Spa, which closed in March 2014.

Gene Juarez now has 10 salon and spa locations within Washington. Their Bellevue location is on the 2nd floor of The Bravern at 700 110th Avenue Northeast, where Red Door Spa previously occupied space.


  1. It’s interesting that you always point out the fact that many stores have closed over the past few years at the Bravern but hardly mention the fact that they have all since been replaced by better, more globally known brands. Bellevue Square has also had numerous closings that are being replaced by pop-up shops that act as fluff to make it look busy. You don’t have Bellevue Collection listed as a sponsor but you might as well, because you’re clearly set on painting a more negative picture about their competition.

  2. @Rob, thanks for your feedback. Are there particular stores that you’d like to see featured on the site that have been added to The Bravern that haven’t been?

  3. Each store has been been mentioned, but in each article there is always a comment made about many stores closing since it opened. That is the case of every mall in America so I find it odd that it is pointed out in each Bravern article. This article would have been fine but for some reason the author felt the need to bring up the closing of a business years ago. For every brand that has left another one has come in that is 10 times better. Each compliment feels backhanded.