There were three alternatives presented at the Bellevue City Council meeting in November, to decide which concept would be best for I-405 crossing segments and how they would connect with the Wilburton Commercial Area. The third alternative was unanimously chosen, the Grand Connection I-405 lid crossing. This was the staff’s recommended option.

The Grand Connection will create a non-motorized connection from Meydenbauer Bay Park, across I-405 and into the Wilburton Commercial Area, which will then connect to the future Eastside Rail Corridor. The Lid Park option, also referred to as a “once in a generation opportunity”, will cross over I-405 between Northeast 4th and Northeast 6th streets. 200, 000 square feet of public space will be created along the connection for public use and events. The open space will be on top of a lid that sits over the highway. Bellevue City Council agreed that the ability to create almost four acres of parkland will create benefits like transportation connections, park land, place making and economic development.

Now that the lid alternative has been chosen, the next phase will begin and take place throughout 2019 and 2020. The next phase of the project entails design refinement and studies that will lead to the final concept for implementation, economic analysis, working closely with WSDOT, addressing impacts of elevation and grade changes, and outreach to stakeholders.

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