Downtown Bellevue, Photo Credit: Sound Transit

Sound Transit has halted construction on the East Link light rail. According to an employee at Sound Transit, this action has been taken to ensure the safety of the construction workforce.

Sound Transit came to the decision after evaluating what measures would need to be taken to ensure the safety of construction workers and whether contractors were prepared to take those measures.

The period of suspension is currently set for April 6 to May 4. This time period may be extended or decreased. The agency will monitor the circumstances surrounding each project to evaluate future actions.

Eastside light rail projects were recently postponed. For example, curb work to build a median island on Northeast 8th Street, painting of the light rail bridge above Northeast 8th Street, and sidewalk and lane closures at all corners of the intersections at 110th Avenue Northeast at Northeast 4th Street and Northeast 2nd Street in preparation of the grind and overlay of 110th Avenue Northeast between Main Street and Northeast 4th Street.

Critical work that will continue includes construction on the I-90 floating bridge, certain sidewalks, ramps and driveways on the Eastside, which are important for the safe passage of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and fire protection systems work in the I-90 Mount Baker Tunnel.

Safety measures will be increased for these areas by reducing work crew sizes, adding sanitation facilities and using face shields.

The project is slated to reach completion in 2023.

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