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East Link Light Rail Testing 2023

Light Rail in Bellevue Begins Next Phase of Testing

The next phase of light rail testing has begun with operators. As of Wednesday, November 1, Sound Transit is preparing its Eastside “Starter Line” for service. There are no passengers riding the light rail at this time. According to the City of Bellevue, trains are running more often between the […]

East Link Light Rail Bellevue

Light Rail to Begin Service on Eastside in Spring 2024

Sound Transit has set the wheels in motion for the start of passenger operations on the highly anticipated Link 2 Line, facilitating travel between the South Bellevue and Redmond Technology stations. This is scheduled to take place in the Spring 2024. Notably, the strategic move to initiate service on this […]

East Link light rail

East Link Light Rail Completion Date Pushed to Spring 2025

The East Link light rail project has been delayed for the third time. After investigating long-standing concerns with construction quality and durability with raised concrete structures supporting the tracks in key sections of the alignment, a necessary path has been determined. After attempting to repair the issues with the concrete […]

East Link light rail

East Link Light Rail Vehicle Testing Continues in Bellevue

The East Link light rail extension has been experiencing new activity as of lately. Trains are being tested on the light rail tracks. They travel in Bellevue at nighttime. According to Sound Transit, crews continue to conduct tests along the extension in Bellevue and Redmond to ensure the new line […]

East Link Light Rail Seattle Bellevue Connection

East Link Light Rail Completion Date Delayed Further

Sound Transit announced that the East Link opening timeframe has been delayed once again. New opening dates for the extensions to the Eastside, Lynwood, and Federal Way will be set in the coming months. According to Sound Transit, after undertaking a thorough risk analysis, two possible scenarios have been outlined […]

East Link Light Rail

Completion Delayed On East Link Light Rail At Least One Year

The Sound Transit Board System Expansion Committee recently received a detailed briefing on continuing efforts to identify new opening dates for current Link construction projects, including the East Link project. According to the release, “While the East Link extension was planned to open in mid-2023, construction challenges are currently projected […]