The Whale Tea Bellevue
The Whale Tea is now open on Bellevue Way NE.

A new bubble tea shop, The Whale Tea, recently opened on Bellevue Way Northeast. Using only milk, cream, chai, and fresh fruit to make their tea, the shop is known for its natural ingredients. The address is 103 Bellevue Way Northeast.

The menu features series like slush, oolong tea, whale crystal and creme brûlée. fresh milk teas, and classic milk teas are also on the menu, along with staple milk-based teas with tapioca and fresh fruit teas like passionfruit and lychee. 

Prices for the bubble tea drinks range from $4 to $8, depending on size and series.

The shop uses technology and a traditional tea philosophy to brew their tea. There are four different stages to the process to give their tea its signature taste and aroma.

The Whale Tea has over 300 locations around the world, including Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and London. This is the first of their bubble tea franchise shops to open in Washington. 

Hong Kong-style desserts, Mango Mango Dessert, previously occupied this space. They first opened on Bellevue Way in 2019. This was their first location to open in the Pacific Northwest.

The Whale Tea - Bellevue
Photo Credit: The Whale Tea
The Whale Tea - Bellevue
Brown Sugar Boba at The Whale Tea – Bellevue

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  1. What’s the address? Your text has “The address is” but then nothing, and their website only lists Singapore locations.