El Gaucho Bellevue
Photo Credit: Bellevue Downtown Association

The Seattle Seahawks recently dined at El Gaucho Bellevue for the team’s rookie dinner. This initiation practice that happens each year, is when a roster dines on a team’s rookies’ dimes, according to Sports Illustrated.

The Seahawk’s bill was posted by Seahawk’s linebacker, Uchenna Nwosu. The total bill came to $22,203.60 after tax and services fees. Tax alone was $1,972.62. 

According to public records, many of the rookies on the Seattle team make under $1 million. For example, defensive end, Mike Morris, had a base salary of $750,000 in 2023. However, there are also rookies like Jaxon Smith-Njibga who signed a 4 year $14,417,307 contract, which also included a $7,485,316 signing bonus. 

Former Seahawks players recently debuted an upscale sports bar in Downtown Bellevue called Legion. Chancellor and Sherman opened the bar with local restauranteur, Leilani Wong, in October 2023. It is located at 700 Bellevue Way Northeast, where Pearl Seafood and Oyster Bar was previously open.

Mark Jacob Baysinger, primary stylist for many of the Seattle Seahawks players, became their primary stylist in 2012 when he moved to Seattle. He recently opened a barbershop tailored to men at Bellevue Place called On The Mark.

The Seattle Seahawks’ eye-popping bill of over $22,000 at El Gaucho Bellevue raises curiosity about the thoughts of the incoming rookie class of 2024-2025. As this tradition continues, it prompts intrigue into the decision-making process behind selecting the restaurant where the team dines.


  1. That’s obscene when our streets are filled with homeless hungry

  2. Obscene? Oh stop it….with the amount of social programs out there, the hungry have food. Don’t be fooled by the addicts. Also, if those people applied themselves half as much as those players, they wouldn’t be homeless. Maybe think about how much money they pump into our economy. Most of these guys charitable things the rest of the year. I could go on….

  3. Joe the blow hole

    Joe is one of those people…

  4. The purpose is much like the initiation of military service and are you capable of sacrifice so goes the tradition. The homeless need no such attention, these people in the NFL work job and compete. Forget the homeless shoplifter drug addict. Nordstroms and all those stores downtown are suffering the onslaught of rampant theft. I know I do inventory for Nordstroms. Vote Republican for a change.

  5. Yes it’s shocking and the Seahawks are one of the teams you would want to be a rookie on for this dinner since they have one of the highest rookie rosters in the league I think they have like 14 but maybe if you’re that worried about it maybe you’d want to be treated to the Rams during the season I think the Rams have like 30 rookies on the roster. The difference is about a grand. $700 and something for Rams rookies $1600 and something for hawks rookies. This is actually one of the lower meal totals that I’ve seen over the years..

  6. Julianne’s comment that was obscene is incorrect, it is hideous. The homeless need more help, $2,000 will help more than $22,204.60 will help those people with a good annual income. I am extremely disappointed.

  7. First of all, mental note do not ever throw a party at El Gaucho if someone (in)famous comes. To share the tab on their SM is not someone to be trusted. Big fail there. Second it is grotesque to have such displays of wealth when everyday hardworking Americans are living paycheck to paycheck aside from homeless people and those suffering from mental health issues. Did they “earn” it? Sure, that’s a whole other issue like how much money is getting sunk into sports, yay sports. In the end it is a vulgar display of wealth, regardless if they worked for it or not and if you are in the public eye, don’t trust El Gaucho to keep your visit quiet!

  8. My wife will be 74 Jan. 18 she makes a mean taco. Filet mignon wagu where is the beef. Round steak for your black eye. Rookies too much money

  9. That’s how much I owe on my house and I’m struggling to make it on 1 income, we live in a 3 income state!

  10. Seattle spent nearly $1 billion dollars over 11 years on the homeless crisis and it’s only gotten worse, do you really think $22,000 would put the smallest dent in it?

  11. Greedy jerks
    Screw the greedy hawks

  12. Like none of you people complaining ever spent some of your hard earned money on something for you or someone in your life? It wasn’t like it was 1 guy spending $22k, and they reserve the right to spend their money. Besides, I bet half of those guys give back to their community on a regular basis.

  13. Ask yourselves what you would say to a stranger that had an opinion on how you spent your salary, then have a coke and a smile…

  14. Good for him and his team! No one is entitled to anyone’s income. I hope the meal was great and you all had a good time. The Seahawks do give back to the community. Wages were paid, portions of sales tax go back to the community from this meal. How would you like to be shamed for going out to dinner and treating your friends, when there’s entitled people all around you pointing to the homeless that have been offered resources? People stay homeless because they don’t like rules in sober living transitional housing. You can’t drop your trash everywhere, steal hardworking people’s belongings, and continue to use drugs in sober housing. Get off your high horse, get yourself an education and/or better paying job and let our lovely homeless, drug addicted population camp out in your house or backyard.

  15. I love all the judgement, a huge chunk of the team attends these. How much are you thinking 50+ people spend at a nice restaurant. Yes homelessness is an important issue but this group of folks, most of whom grew up underprivileged, out enjoying the benefits of years hard work is not related to homelessness. If you are going to ask them to pony up for homelessness then get the hat out for Jeff, Bill, Steve, et al billionaires in Seattle.

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