Bellevue's Grand Connection Crossing over I-405
Credit: City of Bellevue

Recently, the city’s Grand Connection Program team unveiled an update on the initiative’s objectives and long-term vision. Aimed at establishing 1.5 miles of interconnected public spaces linking Bellevue’s downtown and Wilburton neighborhoods, the program marks an important step toward enhancing community connectivity.

This year, the Transportation Department is slated to finalize the 30% design of the program’s flagship feature, the Grand Connection Crossing over Interstate 405. Funding from Amazon has been instrumental in advancing this phase, with the project team actively seeking community input to shape the design.

Collaboration with key stakeholders, including Amazon and the Bellevue Downtown Association, is underway to establish a network of project partners. Together, they are creating a funding strategy to facilitate the full design completion and construction of the crossing.

Acknowledging the growing demand for public space programming, city staff emphasized ongoing efforts to develop partnerships, streamline processes, and enhance physical infrastructure. These attempts aim to accommodate diverse activities like food trucks, expanded outdoor dining, and special events.

Looking ahead, the Grand Connection Program will spearhead a series of projects involving various city departments and regional partners. Priority initiatives include advancing key segments of the Eastrail and implementing Phase 2 of Meydenbauer Bay Park. These ventures, as well as existing achievements, such as signature art installations at Downtown Park and upgraded intersections along Northeast Sixth Street, are aimed at fostering a more interconnected city.

Council members reaffirmed their support for the crossing and the broader program, highlighting its potential to support community cohesion. Additionally, they called for further clarification on funding strategies.

The community will be provided with an opportunity to contribute their input and feedback on the project’s design alternatives. An in-person open house is scheduled to take place sometime in April or May 2024, where residents can engage directly with the plans and share their perspectives.

By Summer 2024, a preferred design alternative will be chosen for further refinement and development. During the period between the Summer and Fall of 2024, this selected design will undergo thorough refinement and begin the initial stages of 30% design and engineering documentation.


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