Bellevue Arts Museum
Photo Credit: Bellevue Arts Museum

Bellevue Arts Museum recently announced the success that its six-week SAVE BAM campaign had. With over 300 donations ranging from $10 – $145,000, the museum raised $349,185. This exceeded the original goal of $300,000.

According to an email that was sent out by BAM, their team is “energized by the outpouring of community support; however, we know this is only the first step in establishing long-term financial viability. We are working hard at developing partnerships with stakeholders that understand both the value of our museum and the opportunity it presents. Please know that as we wrap up the SAVE BAM campaign, we will be transitioning into SUSTAIN BAM mindset.”

Currently, the museum is focusing on creating a sustainable future and developing new programs and events to foster community and bring creative happenings to Bellevue.

In February 2024, Bellevue Arts Museum began asking the community for help and opened up about their financial hardships. The museum found itself in a state of crisis after being negatively affected by revenue losses and drops in attendance, fundraising, and retail sales since the end of the pandemic.

One month later, the campaign had gained momentum and BAM had surpassed the two-thirds mark of their $300,000 fundraising goal. The success of the campaign, at this point, was attributed to the grassroots efforts of individuals within the Bellevue community. Hailing from Minnesota, a generous benefactor, inspired by an article in The Art Newspaper highlighting BAM’s financial challenges, also made a remarkable donation of $145,000.

Newly appointed Executive Director, Kate Casprowiak Scher, expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming response to the campaign. Scher’s vision for BAM’s future is one of transformation and community-driven growth. She believes that BAM can evolve into a cornerstone of Bellevue’s cultural identity, serving residents, artists, students, and visitors alike.

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