Bellevue Connection (550)

According to a land use application that was filed with the City of Bellevue, Bon Appetite Bakery will be opening at 550 106th Avenue Northeast. The bakery will be located on the first level of Bellevue Connection (formerly known as The Galleria) in suite 102.

The retail space is 1,698 square feet and will be able to hold just under 50 customers.

According to the permit applicant, David Lee, representing Techcraft Corp, the construction company behind the project, the slated opening date is unknown. There is currently no website for the bakery.

Bellevue Connection, formerly known as Bellevue Galleria, is a mixed-use property with office and retail space. It was renovated in 2022 and is owned by Unico Properties.

Notably, the property has attracted companies including video game giant Bungie, who relocated there from Kirkland in 2009. Bungie is known for creating the iconic “Halo” series for Microsoft’s Xbox console.

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  1. I’ll believe it when I see it. Don’t Yell At Me has been “coming soon” for close to 3 years now, with no visible work being done. Itadaki at least has folks working on it whenever I walk by, but also has been “coming soon” for years.

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