Downtown Bellevue Circulator Bus Confirmed for 2010

Bellevue City Council signed off on an agreement with King County Metro for a free Downtown Bellevue circulator bus in 2010. The buses, which will run every 10 minutes, will be “Bellevue-branded.” Other details as to what types of buses will be used and the exact routes traveled, will be […]

"Commuter Connection" Opens Today, Brings 24-hour Indoor Bike Parking

The Bellevue Transit Center in Downtown Bellevue will add a new service, “Commuter Connection.” It will include a 24-hour indoor bike parking option, giving those commuting to and from Downtown Bellevue more confidence in their transportation options. The Commuter Connection, will also feature commuter assistance located at NE 6th St, […]

More Rumblings of Moving Sidewalks in Downtown Bellevue

Eastside Rail Now whose goal is to maintain the railroad presence and use the railroad for regional commuter transportation, proposed to the Bellevue City Council in May The Grand Esplanade. The Grand Esplanade as describe is a: “Elegant, tree-lined walkway (which) would extend from downtown Bellevue’s existing pedestrian corridor eastward, […]

Removal of Wilburton Tunnel Will Affect Weekend Travel

The crunchers, breakers, track hoes, and dump trucks have moved in and are ready to remove the Wilburton Tunnel this Friday, August 8th. At 11 p.m. southbound I-405 between SE 8th Street and the I-405/I-90 interchange in Bellevue will close, and the heavy equipment will move in and start breaking […]

Paragon Hotel in Demolition

The old Paragon hotel, as reported in February, is now in the process of being demolished. This 208-room hotel, which was built in 1969, has gone through many transitions in it’s time, previously known by other names such as the Thunderbird, Red Lion, and Double Tree. The Seattle Times posted […]

Old Paragon Hotel to be Demolished

The building at 818 112th Ave NE, which the Paragon Hotel used to occupy in Downtown Bellevue, will soon be demolished within the next two weeks to make way for a NE 10th Street bridge over Interstate 405. With residential and commercial projects currently in construction, such as Elements Too, […]

Downtown Bellevue’s circulator bus possibily delayed

Downtown Bellevue, as we’ve previously reported, is in the works of getting a bus to circulate and transport passengers within the Downtown core. With the increased amount of residents anticipated to move in, and with the many condominium and apartment projects in the works, it’ll make for a transportation headache. […]

Getting around in Bellevue Just Got Easier

Living/working in Bellevue and just can’t seem to figure out how to get around? There’s no need to wait any longer because Transmanage, the transportation arm of the Bellevue Downtown Association, recently launched Choose Your Way Bellevue – CYWB – ( The site provide resources to those who: Bike & […]

Voters Deny Transit Plan

Voters yesterday rejected Proposition 1, a multi billion dollar plan that would take on gaining traffic congestion issues in Bellevue and other outlying areas which stretch 50 miles of light rail as well as other road upgrades in the greater Seattle area. The rejected plan would’ve had the light rail […]

City of Bellevue Gets $300,000 to help Downtown Congestion

Washington State Commute Trip Reduction Board announced last week that Bellevue was one of the seven cities statewide, which was selected to get money for its Growth and Transportation Efficiency Center Program (GTEC). The program funded by the state Legislature will aim to reduce single-occupancy vehicles and make alternative transportation […]