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Eddie Bauer’s Former Estate for Sale in Bellevue

Eddie Bauer’s former estate in Bellevue is for sale, with the price listed at $865,000, according to Redfin. The mid-century modern home, at 13644 Main St., is situated on a secluded half-acre site near the Glendale Golf Course. The 3-bedroom house was built in 1952 for Eddie Bauer and his […]

Eddie Bauer Unveils Flagship Store at Bellevue Square

Unlike other companies that use created names for their brand, Eddie Bauer is a real person. He was the 1st to make quilted goose-down jackets in the country, and the appreciation for glossy-coated black labs isn’t just photogenic for catalogs; Bauer brought the 1st Labrador Retriever into Washington State in 1930. Born in […]

Word is – Microsoft Store Coming to Bellevue Square

We’ve been told by multiple reliable sources that Microsoft will be opening a store in Bellevue Square. The store, as we are told, will be located in a combination of both the current Tall’s Camera location and Eddie Bauer’s current location. Both Tall’s Camera and Eddie Bauer are relocating to new locations […]