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Oma Bap Finds New Home in Capitol Hill

If you’re having Bibimbap withdrawals since Oma Bap, the contemporary Korean fast food restaurant left in September 2013 then you’re in luck. Oma Bap will re-open in Capitol Hill in The Douglas student housing development on E. Cherry street according to the Capital Hill Seattle blog. There is no word […]

Fatburger and Oma Bap Close in Downtown Bellevue

Fatburger and Oma Bap restaurants on Bellevue Way have closed. According to a representative of Fatburger their lease expired and the landlord and tenant were not able to come to a new agreement to extend the lease. The new tenants are unknown, but rumor has it that one of them […]

Pirq Delivers Deals to Bellevue

Pirq is a smart phone application that delivers daily deals to consumers in real time. The app is currently available for the iPhone OS & the Android OS. The Pirq application differentiates itself from other daily deal companies by typically offering an extremely limited number of deals from the same […]

Oma Bap Adding Colorful Flavor to the Downtown Bellevue Food Scene

Downtown Bellevue is known for having a variety of cultural cuisines readily available, and appetites craving a distinctive flavor with a little kick of spice are in for a treat now that Oma Bap has opened its doors. Self-described as “Korean Inspired,” Oma Bap offers a menu of traditional and […]