OMA BAP Bellevue

Oma Bap is a Korean inspired restaurant that is planning to open in late April on Bellevue Way. The restaurant will occupy the old Baja Fresh location.

According to the company, the name Oma Bap was originally created and centered around the word “Bap” (pronounced “bop”), which literally translates to “rice” or “a meal” in Korean. Oma Bap will have a fast-casual environment with contemporary features. The menu will feature a variety of “Bap” choices, such as the traditional BibimBap and Kim Bap, as well as other Korean dishes.

120 Bellevue Way NE
Bellevue, WA 98004



  1. Love the crazy wtf-dance to bibimbap

  2. major spell check fail.

  3. Thanks @lulu. We caught this and have updated.

  4. Maybe they can get Hanson to sing at their Grand Opening:

  5. I am a little skeptical about the “Korean inspired” food… I hope it’s not a weird combination of Korean food and McDonald’s.

    What would be really great is just a nice authentic Korean restaurant in downtown, like those around Overlake and Lynwood.

  6. Went to Oma Bap today for lunch. VERY nice staff and great korean style pot stickers…will try again.

  7. Tried the Kalbi lunch. Was fairly good for the price. Nicest surprise was that the bones were clean, so you weren’t randomly biting into shards.

    Kind of confused cashiers but overall nice staff. Will definitely go again.

  8. Korean inspired is a great description of Oma Bap. Definitely not traditional, but I’m sure caters to the less complex palate. Came in while it was busy, so I’m going to cut them a break (and since they just opened two days ago) but it took about 25 minutes to get my order. Got the spicy pork bibimbap without mushrooms. Rice was a little cold, but the bibimbap was tasty, the gochu jang was good, and they got my order right. The meat jeon was really not what I expected, but was quite good with the soy based dipping sauce. Miso was standard. Kimchi and oi muchim (spicy cucumber) were both good. Will come back.

    I agree with Kevin above. Downtown Bellevue needs a really good authentic Korean restaurant or Soon Dubu house.