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How To Stay Warm In Bellevue’s Winter Weather

With lows in the 20’s and wind chill making it feel like single-digit weather in Downtown Bellevue, many of us this week were looking for ways to warm up! There are plenty of places to cozy up by a fire and ways to warm up your winter. Here are a few […]

New Bellevue Square Starbucks Now Open!

Starbucks is now open on the 2nd floor at Bellevue Square, which replaces Seattle’s Best Coffee.  As previously mentioned this will be the 11th Downtown Bellevue Starbucks and 2nd at The Bellevue Collection.

Bellevue Square Replaces Seattle’s Best With New Starbucks

Go to Bellevue Square on the 2nd floor, and walk by the elevators – it’s hard to miss the enormous mermaid, also known as the Starbucks logo, plastered on the temporary wall that covers the previously occupied Seattle’s Best Coffee location. Starbucks, who owns Seattle’s Best, will put their 11th Downtown Bellevue […]

Ask Lea: Downtown Bellevue Study Spots

Dear Lea, I’m currently studying for the GMAT  and my girlfriend often works remotely. Do you have any suggestions for good study spots around Downtown Bellevue, that are quiet enough for me and have Wi-Fi for her? – Study Buddy Dear Study Buddy, This is a good question! I personally […]