European Tower luxury condominiums at the address of 930 109th Ave NE in Downtown Bellevue is anything but ordinary. With the relatively small footprint across the street from Bellevue’s downtown library, the condominium units will offer full floor exclusivity. Each unit will offer about 2,700 square feet to each of their 15 future owners. The owners will enjoy a 360 degree view with 11 foot ceiling to floor glass windows surrounding the exterior of the building. Each unit will include two decks to enjoy the breath taking views.

This project is named European Tower because in many European communities space is very limited and projects are forced to be extremely efficient with the space they have available. This project is no different. Because of European Tower’s lot size there isn’t enough room to create underground ramps for parking. A creative alternative solution was created. It is a parking system underground that is automated. It is truly a site which must be seen to be believed (see video here). Essentially you pull in to the garage onto a “pallet”, you get out, and the elevator for your car stores your vehicle in your designated spot. When it is time to retrieve your car owners can expect it to only take 90 seconds.
These condominiums don’t come cheap. The “floors” are starting at $2 million and are speculated to go for as high as $10 million. The builders expect that the top two floors will be sold together combining for two super floors. Because the space doesn’t allow for a workout facility, European Tower’s is offering a membership at many of the luxury facilities in the community, at the choice of the buyer.
This parking system from GIS International Group is the first of its kind making it to the Western side of the United States.
Other interesting fact to note, is if you want to take virtual tour, it is not as easy as just going to the Web Site. You need a user name and password to access the simulated tour of the homes on the site.
From the outside this building which is planned to be complete by fall 2008 might blend into skyline of what will be the newly decorated Bellevue Sky, but the experiences inside European Tower will be anything but ordinary.