Vertigo Lounge, Downtown Bellevue’s newest edition to its quickly growing nightlife will open its doors in the middle of August. Vertigo Lounge’s nightlife will include a small dining room, cool center bar, lounge with a dance floor and DJ, which will be available after 10pm.

The modern lounge will be open from 11:30am-2am and offer comfort foods such as steak, lamb, pasta and more. This is one of the first upscale Bellevue venues which will stay open until 2am. On occasion Vertigo Lounge will offer live music in its intimate location on the second floor of the 989 Elements Building at the address of 989 112th Ave NE.

UPDATE: Vertigo is now open, see latest post here.


  1. Looks like the launch is delayed. At one time, it was supposed to open in March! Better later than never, I guess. Good news for downtown Bellevue. Is this the first nightclub in Bellevue?

  2. Nice. Where’d you hear about this?

  3. Yes, this will be the first nightclub in Bellevue.

    I had the opportunity of speaking with the restaurant owner, and the interior decorator about the project.

  4. I wonder if the renters here are happy about this…

  5. I’m a renter and I am happy about it!

    Although my unit is on the other side of the building as the club, so those people might have issues with it.

  6. Looking like it will be done at the end of August. I took a walk through a couple of weeks ago, and it is looking fabulous!

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    Vertigo Opening