All of Lincoln Square’s retail spaces are either filled or accounted for, with the exception of one prime spot. The empty location is located on the ground floor facing Bellevue Way.

The space played host to the first annual Bellevue Collection Fashion Week last year, and will be expected to host the event again this September.

Will this empty space be used specifically for events in the future or will it gain a permanent tenant?


  1. Well I know it will play host for Fashion Week 2007 as they have changed the windows that read “2007” instead of 2006. They did this right before the arts fairs weekend.

  2. Yes, they changed it the day after I took pictures of the building. Good to see they have their branding up to date!

    They also made recent updates to the website as well!

  3. I walked by today and really didn’t notice that it wasn’t occupied. If I hadn’t been looking, because of what I read here, it would have appeared like it wasn’t intended to be occupied. How big is the space?