Do you care about the look and feel of the streets in Bellevue?

The City of Bellevue is holding an open forum inviting the community to help advise and assist in the “Great Streets” project. The meetings at Bellevue City Hall will allow the members of the community to review the design concepts and give feedback.

The “Great Streets” project, according to the City of Bellevue promises to:

  • Develop conceptual design plans for five key street corridors
  • Create a toolkit of design options for use along other streets in downtown
  • Revise the street tree and landscape standards for downtown
  • Identify opportunities to integrate public art into the downtown street corridors

There will be two meetings. The August 15th workshop will focus on Bellevue Way, NE 4th, and NE 8th st corridors. The August 29th workshop will focus on 106th & 108th Ave corridors.

Both meetings will take place at Bellevue City Hall (450 110th Ave NE) 5:30pm-7:00pm. To find out more about the “Great Streets” project and the upcoming workshops visit the City of Bellevue website.


  1. Are you going to attend these workshops and report back to us?

  2. I’m not sure how great these streets can be when there are 5 lanes of wide road roaring by at 45mph.

  3. … go from 5 to 3 and use the extra space for bicycles and a wider sidewalks. the wide streets are an opportunity, not a hinderence.

  4. I totally agree, but the powers in charge usually care more about getting people in and out so they want to come back for shopping (in their cars of course).

    There is not one bike lane in downtown Belleuve!

  5. The powers that be are going to have to juggle a circulator system, regional transit and alternate transportation modes in the face of declining fossil fuel dependency. Not an easy task, but it is critical to look to the future rather than the past.