Red Mango
Everybody should live by the motto, “Eat Dessert First” and I’m sure the Bellevue Square’s future tenants, Red Mango would agree full heartedly. The newly popular Red Mango, who claims to be, “The Original Healthy Frozen Yogurt” will occupy a spot in Bellevue Square on the first floor (Where the socks store and Clearwire used to occupy) this fall. The jury is still out if they will be first healthy frozen yogurt, but it’ll surely be a winner in the Pacific Northwest, with locations slated in Alderwood, and Southcenter. Red Mango’s site shows almost 20 stores across the US, of which most of these are coming soon.

This will not be your typical store in Bellevue Square. Canadian based Aritzia will cater to women interested in fashion, function, design and music. At first glance it appears to be a clothing store with fashion forward street gear. If you keep looking, you’ll find that they are have all types of products catering to this targeted culture including music, technology devices, and more. Aritzia will open in Bellevue Square this November on the first floor, in between Build-A-Bear and Holister. This will be only the second location in the United States.

Paiva Closes its doors
On a separate note Paiva (Women’s athletic appeal company) will close its doors in Bellevue Square forever. You might ask the question, why are they going out of business? Was the rent or commission too high at Bellevue Square? No, Paiva as a whole company is going out of business…nevertheless too bad.


  1. Number 1: I love yogurt. I love frozen stuff. I love frozen yogurt! I’m so excited for this healthy snack!!

    Number 2: Aritzia is an awesome store! I have shopped there up in Canada and like their stuff. I love stores that have live DJs playing music…it makes me want to spend my money. 😉

    Number 3: I love Bellevue!

  2. Not to worry about Paiva closing it’s doors…there’s an even better store in Bellevue where you can find great products. lucy! I love their stuff and I can always find something that fits. They have great pants in lengths. Paiva did as well…but I’m pretty sure it was a knock off from lucy as they didn’t have lenghts when they first opened their store.

  3. I’m really looking forward to Red Mango because, like Lea, I love healthy frozen yogurt snacks! And the sign makes it all look very yummy. Competition for Mora maybe?

  4. Mora Iced Creamery closed today actually last night was there last night. Paiva is bieng used as a storehouse for the macy’s christmas store next to Tiffanys, and a calander store is occupying the old suncoast store.