Look out Nordstrom, the high end retailers are coming in full storm! According to a press release from Schnitzer West, shoemaker Jimmy Choo Inc. is the latest luxury retailer to land in Downtown Bellevue. The shoe retailer will open its first shoe boutique in the Northwest at The Bravern, a $500 million mixed-use project being developed by Bellevue-based Schnitzer West. The Bravern is a joint venture between Schnitzer and financial partner Investcorp Real Estate of New York.

Earlier this year, the Texas luxury department store chain Neiman Marcus announced its plans to open its first store in the Northwest at the Bravern.

The 2,100-square-foot boutique, which will face Northeast Eighth Street, will carry the company’s full line of shoes, handbags and accessories. The designer’s goods are sold in more than 60 locations worldwide.

The Bravern, which is under construction next to Meydenbauer Center just off Interstate 405 at Northeast Eighth Street, is set to open in 2009. Microsoft is leasing the entire 740,000-square-foot office portion of the 1.7-million-square-foot mixed use development that will combine offices, 300,000 square feet of shops and restaurants and condominiums.


  1. Great news. I personally won’t shop there but it’s going to be exciting to see this retail war between the Bravern and the Bellevue Collection wage on. Bravern has struck first with Neiman Marcus and now JC but I have a feeling Kemper has some announcements of his own to make in the coming months.

    fyi, I hate to sound like a stickler but if you’re going to copy and paste the news straight from the source (PSBJ), then you should reference it on your post.

  2. Speaking of Bravern vs. Bellevue Collection, isn’t Kemper’s answer to the Bravern something called The Bellevue?! Heard that The Bellevue has already drawn references to Rodeo Drive and Newbury Street.

    The ultimate ‘winner’ is of course metro Bellevue! Very exciting times for Bellevue, indeed.

  3. Yeah…agreed with the first comment regarding referencing your news source. Here’s the PSBJ article. Two-thirds of this post were lifted directly from the PSBJ article!!

  4. High end shoe retailer? Hmmm. Hope they are around a year after they open.

  5. They will have not only shoes, but also handbags and accessories. Believe me, this will stay open for a while! What you got to worry about is that Nau store.

  6. You might want to check the Press Release. I just posted it to the article.

    Funny how the PSBJ and the press release are so similar…oh wait…they copied the press release 🙂

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  7. I love this site, and I think you guys do a great job!!
    Jimmy Choo will last because anyone who knows anything about fashion knows Jimmy Choo. People moving into Bellevue now are going to have the dollar dollar bills to drop!! Bellevue’s going to look hot…Keep rock’n those sexy kicks! I know a few people up in BC who would probably come down just for Jimmy Choo…

  8. Don’t forget that Hermes is also opening there too!

  9. jimmy choo is making the stupidest mistake ever, opening in bellevue, please! it will close in a month

  10. To those who have posted that Jimmy Choo and Neiman Marcus will not last, you should probably remember that the Pacific Northwest is known for having very financially successful residents and those residents want high-end luxury retail. They will for sure last, just as Escada, St. John, Nordstrom, David Lawrence, Mario's, Butch Blum, Barney's New York, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, MaxMara, and Louis Vuitton have in Seattle!