The Spot off Main, is well…Spot On!

Welcome to your neighborhood bar! A first of its kind, and Downtown Bellevue will have a chance to experience it tomorrow, Friday, October 26. The highlight here is that The Spot is offering up Bellevue’s longest continuous Happy Hour, from 4-8pm. Beat that!

The Spot off Main opens with much anticipated hype! With Billiards tables, Dart Board Alley, the Lounge, an arcade, and Ladies Choice Television, there is something here for everyone. And everyone is what The Spot had in mind when putting the venue together. With the target demographic pretty wide in range, The Spot off Main is looking to attract business professionals in their late 20s-60s and local residents.

Here are the current events they are hosting:

  • Monday – Local Residents Night (discounts for those in the 98004 zip code)
  • Wednesday – 8 Ball Tournament Night
  • Thursday – Ladies Night
  • Sunday – Service Industry Workers Night

As for the details, Ladies Choice Television is a specific plasma in the bar that will never play sports unless the ladies have agreed to it. Ladies – if you choose to watch something else, just ask the bar! Dart Board Alley is just that and with dart boards lined up, there’s plenty of room for all to play! Our favorite, is the arcade. Ms. Pacman will keep anyone occupied forever. The lounge off to the side of the bar is perfect for an intimate conversation for those that choose not to play on one of the pool tables in the main area.

Chair and tables were plentiful with much room to move around and the service was exceptional.

If we had to choose one word to describe The Spot, it would be intimate. Located right next to Amazon Fresh and the 7-11, The Spot is comfortably nestled in the heart of Old Bellevue!

Be sure to check out their grand opening tomorrow night! They’re open seven days a week, from 4pm-1am.

The Spot Off Main Address
20 – 103rd NE
Old Bellevue, WA 98004


  1. I read in the PSBJ this week that this place will probably only last about 2 years before the developer tears down the site to build a mixed-use development. Still, it’s great to see more nightlife spots, especially for that corner of downtown.

  2. Well, nothing lasts forever right? So what’s here today could be gone tomorrow…wouldn’t be surprised though. The place can’t be all that big considering the location.

    98004 gets preference? Might be a spot for those in their 40s-60s…Somehow I doubt 20-somethings will go there with all the other venues (Vertigo/Joeys/Parlor/etc.) on the other end of the downtown.

  3. Maybe they are hoping to get some traffic from people who like the Parlor but are tired of it being packed, but it’s a bit of a walk if it’s cold in between the two… otherwise your right my 98004 hood has many more 40’s+ people then 20’s.

  4. I have seen the place from the outside. It looks really good. It’s about time they got a good bar in Bellevue. I am really excited about it!

  5. Had a beer there last night as I wanted to check out a new bellevue spot. Great decor on inside with a neighborhood bar type feel. Nothing too fancy and it will appeal to a differnt clientel than Joey’s or the Parlor-no scene. I thought the flat screens could be bigger for the games, and the chairs & tables need upgradin-they weren’t comfortable.