We’re doing our first Giveaway and it’s all centered around Downtown Bellevue. Did you expect anything else?

You might have seen the Seattle Times Article featuring three Bellevue teenagers who’ve been creating and directing movies as a passion in their free time. Their latest feat is finishing a movie titled, “The Lincoln Project“. Lincoln Square Cinemas will play host to their premier screening on Saturday night.

We’re giving away two tickets to the first person who sends an email to: info@downtownbellevue.net!

Movie Synopsis
A highly classified document regarding the United States Federal Reserve System has been stolen. The document is code-named The Lincoln Project. Now the entire criminal underworld is competing with one another – and the FBI – to get their hands on the documents, which have a value estimated at over two hundred million dollars In this explosive tale filled with action, drama, and deceit. It really is all about the money.

Who: Jeff Prahl, Zach Wittman, Devin Greger
What: A black-tie requested screening of The Lincoln Project; an independent full-length feature film
Where: Lincoln Square Cinemas
When: Saturday, October, 27th, 7pm
For Tickets: Contact Jeff Prahl; 425.802.7108; jeffprahl@gmail.com; www.bfbsite.com/tlpmovie
Movie Trailer

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