There is a great resource for following the height of buildings in the Downtown Bellevue area! A wiki on Wikipedia has kept up with the current building heights, as well as what the projected building heights in the area will be.

Currently One Lincoln Tower is the tallest building coming in at 450ft & 42 floors. Right across the way is Lincoln Square, which is the second tallest building in Bellevue at 412ft.

Looking toward the future Bellevue Towers is projected to match the height of One Lincoln Tower at 450ft tall, sharing the title of tallest building in Bellevue.

The site is a great resource for not only the tallest buildings, but projects under construction, approved, and proposed.


  1. Who’s the tallest person in Bellevue? 😉

  2. There will soon be 4 buildings within 50 feet of being the ‘tallest’, that means that it’s time to increase the limit!

    I say 600 feet in the main core. If we have a bunch the same height it will look lame…

  3. I can’t wait!

  4. 450′ is all you will get with the ‘Wedding Cake’ style zoning that Bellevue adopted. It does seem like taller buildings would work now, but that probably won’t happen, just like extending the downtown core north of NE 12th or south of Main.