Lucky Strike Lanes, Downtown Bellevue’s soon to be new hip bowling alley has unveiled it’s exterior over the weekend.

The venue will bring much more than just a traditional bowling alley to Lincoln Square. The location will play host to two bars, a DJ booth, and an upscale decor unheard of at most bowling alleys.

Lucky Strike Lanes on the second floor of Lincoln Square will open on December 30th, barely making promise on their “Holiday 2007” scheduled open date.


  1. what are their holiday hours?

  2. Is it really that inexpensive?

  3. 2 games & renting shoes is $20. That plus a couple of drinks will run you $30. I’m not sure that is “inexpensive”. Then again, it is exactly what I would expect as well.

  4. Is that a per person rate? Or is it really $7 for a team (2-6 people?), per game?? I know the shoe rental is per person…obviously.

  5. these rates are per person

    in contrast the terrible and run down alley in Bellevue over by BCS charges $5 a game, so I say this is a fine deal.

  6. I’ve been to Lucky Strike in Denver…it is such a cool place…even if you’re not bowling, their bar is awesome and they have great food!

  7. Tacky faux brick. Yawn.

  8. To the previous poster: Where is your favorite spot to hang out in Bellevue, get a drink, or have fun with friends? I’m just curious.

  9. Anywhere that’s not clad in s***ty faux brick.

  10. Actually, I think this pricing sheet is wrong. I’ve been to Lucky Strike’s before and they were always priced “per hour”… not per game (at least from my previous experience).

    I went to the new Bellevue Lucky Strike last night and it was $65 per hour. Only because it was a Sunday. Normally it’s $75 per hour. Not cheap at all.

  11. Some friends & I went the other night and I wrote up my review on my blog:

    Overall, meh.