Please help me in introducing Lea to the Downtown Bellevue Network team. She will be our fourth writer! Although she is new to you all, she has been helping our team for months. She will write a column entitled “Ask Lea.” She’s a lifelong resident of Bellevue and lives Downtown. With her great Bellevue knowledge she’ll answer questions from you, the readers, on a bi-weekly basis. Send in your questions to!


I just moved to the Downtown Bellevue area for my job, and I

don’t have any idea of what to do on the weekends around town. Any suggestions? – Bored in Bellevue.

Dear Bored in Bellevue,
You’re in luck! You’ve moved to Bellevue at the cusp of its breakthrough into the nightlife scene. Hard to believe, especially if you’re from the Seattle area or beyond, but this once quiet suburb is turning into something quite superb.

There are many fun places to hang on a Friday or Saturday night in Bellevue, but I’d like to tell you about my favorites. On a Friday night, I’d start out with a drink somewhere and then migrate to a more eventful scene. My favorite place to relax and sip on a cocktail is at the Bellevue Westin hotel. “Cypress Lounge” offers a relaxing setting with a uniquely modern twist. I like to sit in the lower area with the glass fireplaces, cozy up with a fruity martini, and engage in some great conversation. Last week, they even had live music…a bit loud for my preference, but still entertaining for the average guest.

From Cypress, I would head to Lucky Strike Lanes. Yes, the bowling is expensive, but you’re bound to have a good time whether you roll the ball or not. Although it has only been open for a few weeks, it has had consistent traffic and a diverse crowd. You’ll find mom, grandpa, and a 21-run all in the same place. This may sound strange, but the place is so big that you’ll be sure to create your own atmosphere in the corner of your choice. Dark lighting, plenty of bustle, and a classy dress code makes this place a winner!

On a Saturday night, my choice is Vertigo Lounge and Grill. I might catch an early wine tasting at Vino100, dinner at Joey’s, or some evening shopping, but Vertigo would definitely be my late night spot. There’s an ever-changing crowd, guest DJ’s, leather to lounge upon, and tons of dancing if you’re up for it. Of course I can’t leave out their signature drink, “Vertigo Viagra,” blue in color and loaded with Red Bull to keep your hips moving!

Around 1am when things die down in Downtown, most people head to the Eastside’s version of Dick’s, Jack In the Box, on Bellevue Way. They make a killing on Saturday nights! Who knows how long it will last, until the next condo tower buys the land they’re sitting on, so you better enjoy it while you can.

Whatever you decide to do, I can assure you that you won’t have to go far from home to find a good time.

Here to banish you boredom,