Hey Lea,

I really like to eat Thai food every now and then, but Bellevue has so many Thai restaurants that I don’t know where to go! Do you have any recommendations?

– In the mood for Thai food
Dear In the mood for Thai food,
Thai food happens to be my favorite cuisine, so you’ve asked me a great question! You are right, Downtown Bellevue does have a lot of Thai food restaurants. If you’re new to the area and ask around, most people will tell you their favorite Thai food is at Chantanee on 105th Ave. In fact, a lot of people in Bellevue will tell you it’s their favorite Thai restaurant.
I encourage you to try it out, but I wouldn’t limit your selections. There are other decent Thai places to eat at, like King & I or Thai Grill, and every Thai restaurant in the area has similar offerings at very similar prices.

I will say that my own personal favorite Thai food restaurant in Downtown Bellevue is Nibbana Thai Cookery on 108th Ave. Their food is authentic, their portions are nicely sized, they have a traditional atmosphere with Thai-inspired decor, their wait staff is friendly, and when you ask for three stars you know what to expect. I hate it when you ask for two stars, but it actually ends up as five, and you leave the restaurant as a fire-breathing dragon with a runny nose!

It will be interesting to see how Thai food develops in this city. With the recent addition of Zen Asian Bistro and the anticipated opening of Wild Ginger, consumers will also be able to find Thai food at more fusion restaurants. I wonder how long the “hole-in-the-wall” Thai food places will last.

From one Thai food lover to another,