Vertigo Lounge and Grill has 17 jazz performances scheduled in March and 6 already slated for April! Some of the Northwest’s best talent will be playing at Verigo in the next month, including Darren Motamedy and Michael Powers.

Recently Vertigo added plasma TV’s throughout the venue to view performances, allowing guests to get a good experience no matter where they sit. Vertigo is so serious about this whole “jazz thing” that they’ve actually dedicated a whole Website to it:

If your looking for something to do tonight (3/14), Darren Motamedy will be playing at Vertigo! Sit down for dinner, and enjoy live music…you can’t beat that! Also worthy to mention, there is no cover before 10pm!


  1. I went to this, it was great. If you like Jazz I’d recommend going to this!

  2. I would go, if it was not at Vertigo, I really do not care fo the place, to high priced, and the people there including staff think way to highly of themselves

  3. I have to say that I’ve had a totally different experience there. The people that work there have always gone out of their way to provide excellent service, and I met the owner who is really charismatic! I agree that the regulars who go there aren’t my favorite crowd, but it’s fun to have a place like Vertigo in Bellevue.