In an effort to concentrate on coffee, the Hear Music Starbucks store in The Lodge at Bellevue Square has transitioned to a regular Starbucks store. The music stations, along with the CD’s that lined the store, have all been taken out. The store was 1 of the 4 stores across the country that had the Hear Music title.

This is one of the many things Starbucks has done to get back to their roots, and focus on coffee and the customer service experience!


  1. I never liked all the cd’s, it’s not why people come to coffee houses.

  2. ConstantandLoyal

    I think this is a good business decision. You must evaluate your core competency and most often you fall back to that after taking a risk! Hey- I am all for a great coffee house that does not feel so formal – outside of the box but in the circle is the way to go!

  3. Doh. I always just assumed that was a regular store when I ran by it.