Yesterday we reported that Trader Vic’s has closed its doors for good.

It has since come to our attention that Pearl will be the restaurant to take its place! What is Pearl you ask? The over 200-person dinning room will be transformed into an urban theme with a contemporary American menu.

The former chef and executive for Schwartz Brothers, Bradley Dickinson, along with the regional manager for Schwartz Brothers, Mikel Rogers, have worked on this concept for over a year. Recently they have been able to engage in locking down the Lincoln Square location which they are planning to open in mid-November.


  1. I wonder why the large space along Bellevue Way that they use to host the fashion show is still empty. I would think that this spot is more desirable than the Trader Vic’s location because of the street frontage.

  2. I’m sure they are looking for a tenet there.

  3. ConstantandLoyal

    I never really checked that place out – it seems like a tough location, its a little tucked back in a corner! Maybe give people some incentive to go there- a cool hip atmosphere is always a good start. Looking forward to seeing how the “Pearl” will transform this space, keep me posted on the grand opening event!

  4. I wonder how this will sit with Brian Petoletti of Infinity Restaurant Group? While he is close friends with Brad and Mike he is also trying to open a restaurant in Bellevue with the same theme and ideas. It’s called Allure Lounge, it was slated to open this spring in Washington Squar

  5. Actually, the conception of the Pearl will be about passion — Bradley and Mikel are long running stars of successfully managed — and continuously performing — restaurant concepts. Having had the chance to work with them in the past on other lustrous offerings — like Spazzo, Daniel’s and Cucina!Cucina! aligned with Chandler’s in South Lake Union, this team understands leadership commitment — and conceptual elegance in creating new concepts. Great working with them — and I’m certain of success.

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