lincoln-square-cinemas-imaxThe amenities lacking in Downtown Bellevue are diminishing by the day.  On Friday, the popular Lincoln Square Cinemas will add the Eastside’s first IMAX 3D Experience.  The IMAX 3D projector, coupled with special polarized IMAX 3D glasses, makes characters and objects virtually jump off the screen and move around the theater.

This Friday the IMAX at Lincoln Square Cinemas will begin showing Monsters Vs. Aliens 3D – A DreamWorks Animation film.

In the upcoming months and years, expect the following movies at the IMAX Theater:

-Star Trek XI
-Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
-Harry Potter and the Half-blood Price

-Hubble (working title)
-How to Train Your Dragon
-Shrek Goes Fourth

Prices for the IMAX Hollywood Films in 3D are $14 for adults and $12 for seniors, children, and matinee show times.


  1. pimp. i love this place.

  2. Doesn’t matter, I’ll still go out of my way if I want quality service, instead of going to some LA wannabe shopping centre, run by poorly trained apathetic college dropouts, as well as some rather immature adults, not to mention filled to the brim with the usual obnoxious teenager.

  3. Lincoln Square IMAX is $14.60 (with tax) and here is what I wrote IMAX and Lincoln Square after attending it:

    While we welcome your new expansion into our local theaters (Southcenter in Tukwila, Wa, and Lincoln Square in Bellevue, Wa), I must say that after our first experience we are unlikely to choose IMAX over the regular screens in those theaters.

    We arrived at Lincoln Square Cinemas 45min before the Star Trek feature with our pre-purchased tickets to find the line already quite long. When they opened the doors and we went in, the only spot large enough to handle 4 of us together was either in the first three rows or the back row, so we opted for the back row about 1/4th of the way across on the right (as viewed from the screen). From that location the ceiling mounted speaker above us in the back corner totally dominated the experience, there was no balance. It seems as if those upper rear speakers are being relied on for most of the bass in the entire theater, rather than distributing the sound more evenly. Wandering around the theater during the closing credits, we realized that quite a bit of the theater around the edges and in front was not very desirable seating due to sound or view angles. Certainly most of those seats were not worth the 40%-50% premium over the regular screens. Because of the relatively short runs each movie is being given on those screens, most showings we could make it to are selling-out, thus in addition to the increased ticket price we would have to spend at least an additional hour in line for good seating. It just isn’t worth that to us.

    What would it take to bring us in regularly? (we are big movie buffs)

    Reserved seating. If we could pick our seats at the time we booked on-line then we would probably catch most movies offered in IMAX, secure that we could show up 10-15min before the showing and be happy with the experience.

    I realize that reserved seating itself offers some challenges, as when people see the only seats left are less desirable they might not purchase, leaving you with non-sold-out showings. I believe you could address that by one of two methods.
    1) Only make the most desirable block of seats near the center reserved seating, once those were sold out the rest are general admission.
    2) Tiered pricing based on seat desirability.