william-shakespeareNot only will the Bellevue Downtown Park host free outdoor movies this summer, it will also be presenting FREE Shakespeare in the Park!

The Eclectic Theater Company will be doing Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” at the park’s east entrance (by the flower garden) on July 23rd, 24th, and 25th at 7pm. And did I mention it’s free?

And nothing goes better with free Shakespeare in the Park than a picnic. Being a foodie, this is a great excuse to pack a gourmet dinner and have a tempting spread on the lawn. And luckily, there are several great picnic supply options right by the Downtown Park.

Safeway: Dash across the street and pick up some made-to-order sandwiches, some olives from the Olive Bar, grapes, imported cheeses, or some picnic-ready deli salads.

Fish For Dinner: Right next to the park’s east entrance is Fish For Dinner, which, besides the obvious “fish for dinner,” also sells to-go sushi packs; they’ll even cut up sushi-grade fish for picnic sashimi if you ask nicely.

Belle Pastry: On Main Street by the park’s south entrance, skip dinner altogether and bring in some delicious French pastries.

Garlic Crush: Bring in a Mediterranean spread of hummus and gyros at this cheap, delicious little takeaway eatery on Bellevue Way, near the east entrance of the park.

Don’t forget your blankets and low-backed chairs! And while the play’s the thing, alcohol is NOT. Pack some non-alcoholic beverages so you won’t run afoul of Bellevue’s park laws.

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