According to a Seattle Times report, developer Bentall Capital is pausing their Summit III project, which has been planned to be a 15-story, 330,000 square-foot office building at 108th Ave NE & NE 4th St. The project is across the street from Tower 333, also known as the Expedia Tower.

The project began in early 2008 and had early whispers of potential tenants of Expedia or Microsoft. Neither these, nor any other tenants have panned out, now pushing Bentall Capital to pause the project; it is now about 13 months from being finished.

Those living and working in the area will be happy to hear that according to the report the developer plans to finish the sidewalks, street trees, a plaza, fountains, flagpoles, benches, and a sculpture. Currently the sidewalks are closed, and it has become a hassle to get around near the construction site, not to mention its lack of beauty.

In addition, the city has given the developer permission to rent out the 600 spaces within the parking garage that is almost complete.

This is yet another victim of the down economy, but it’s better to see developers be smart about halting projects, rather than finishing them and leaving them frighteningly vacant. Bentall Capital says that construction could be halted for 2 or 3 years.


  1. It is great that the developer will not leave the area abandoned. Developing the sidewalks and adding another parking structure to downtown area is much better than leaving a big hole in the ground with semi-permanent high wall fencing.

  2. Just like Lincoln Square?

    Remember how often Lincoln Square was swapped, traded, constructed, stopped, refinanced and finally finished? Now look at it.

  3. I also saw that Washington Square is putting in a temporary grass field on the corner of 10th and 108th. It’s great to see these sites not just sitting there and going to waste.

  4. I work in Skyline tower which is kiddy corner, and I’m very glad to hear they will clean it up a bit. It’s been so long that I haven’t been able to walk on that particular section of sidewalk (on the way to Melting Pot).

  5. I too am glad about Summit and Washington Square. Now if the owners of the project at the corner of Bellevue Way and Main street would do something to clean up that mess, we’d have an eyesore-free downtown!