Grand Cru Wine Bar Bellevue

Beginning Wednesday, October 8th, dinner is free for a 2-course, pre-selected menu for 3 Wednesdays in October at Grand Cru Wine Bar. Other dates include October 14th and 21st.

I can’t quite decide if this promotion is desperate or genius, but either way, as a customer you win!  Also, make sure to check out their laundry list of fabulous wines they have available!

Reservations are required for the promotion.  Call 425-455-4278 to reserve your space.


  1. Ha! I already have reservations! I do luvs me sum free food. 🙂

  2. False Advertising! I called to make reservations and they said you must order a drink (website doesn’t disclose this). Cheapest drink on their menu is $5 for a pot of tea. If tea is this much, how much is a glass of wine or pop?

  3. i have a reservations for tonight and one with different friends for next week. i don’t know how anyone can complain about having to buy a drink (in a wine bar!) when the dinner is free. it’s a beautiful place and i’m so excited to be able to introduce friends to this new gem. thanks grand cru!!

  4. Tania, let us know how it is!

  5. This backfired, bigtime….. A family behind us left without paying and the only tables I saw were complaining both about service, the food, and final cost. I must admit, I left with a bad taste in my mouth as well. If I didn’t want to support this business, this would have been my last visit.

  6. Went today.Food was completely flavorless & almost cold.A huge tip was added automatically.Desert wasn’t free but no mention of that on menu.

  7. Natasha, was the desert required as part of the ‘free’ meal?

  8. Wonder what this space will be next?

  9. For those who attended our first “Dinner on Us” event, I would like to thank you for all of your comments. Yes, the first night was a challenge. We were caught off guard by the initial positive response to participate in our “Dinner on Us” promotion. In our attempt to accommodate everyone’s reservation request, we made the mistake of allowing too many guests to arrive at the same time. This unfortunately led to slower service and in some cases the food quality was less than our usual standard. I would like to personally apologize to the guests who had an experience less than what we had set out to offer. Thank you again for your comments–they have been very helpful, and we have taken those comments and made changes and corrections to make the remaining two Wednesdays the experience we had hoped to create.
    However the misunderstanding transpired, there is no requirement for any additional purchase with the “Dinner on Us” promotion unless the guest wishes to do so. We did state in all of our material that an 18% gratuity would be added to the entire bill including the value of the “Dinner on Us” portion. We hope that you will visit us in the future, and please feel free to call or e-mail me so I may personally handle your reservation.

    Steve Walker
    Grand Cru Wine Shop and Bar

  10. what kind of food is it?

  11. We have been meaning to try your wine bar for several months. Going to ignore the comments and give it a try next Wednesday night for my birthday. Looking forward to it! Thanks for running such a great promotion. We hope to love it and return again…

  12. I just had a delightful meal at grand cru! the cream of mushroom soup with truffle oil for a starter and the pulled pork and rice (with fresh cilantro, tomatoes, red onion) were both absolutely delicious.
    i am a bit of a food snob as i just moved here from new york city a few months ago, and admittedly we’re all a bit pretentious when it comes to food. but dinner was honestly delicious.

    the ambience is lovely, the service professional, attentive, and courteou;, and the wine selection is varied and just terrific.
    i’m so glad i brought my friends tonight as we all had a great time!

    thank you, grand cru! see you for champagne night this friday! and i can’t wait for the mega tasting on nov 1st!!