The Bravern Bellevue ParkingHave you self-parked at The Bravern? If you have then you’ve likely spent some time driving around several levels until you find parking. There are 3 (self-park) garage entrances at The Bravern, one on 110th Ave NE, one on NE 8th St, and one on 112th Ave NE (see map).

All entrances are not created equally. The Bravern property is built on a slope so the 110th and NE 8th entrances enter you onto higher levels than if you enter on 112th, which enters you into parking level P2.

There is still no promise that once you enter the 112th entrance everything will be roses, but you will bypass 2 floors that you otherwise would’ve had to fight through.

Also with validation parking is free for 3 hours, so make sure upon your shopping/dining trip to get your ticket validated.

Update:  The 112th entrance  is only accessible if you are headed south on 112th (Thanks for this reminder fashionethic)


  1. OMGGGGGGGG i just bitched about that yesterday on twitter and the bravern dmsd me to write them a letter hehehe but yeaaaa thanks for this michael

  2. Also good to know: the self park entrance on 110th is only accessible if you are headed north on 110th. The only entry from southbound is valet.

    Thanks for thinking of this!

  3. Oh gads. The fact that you have to make a hard right to self-park is dangerous enough. “Maverick, you’re in a spin, pull up!” I’m always worried I’m going to take out one of the poor valet guys standing at the entrance. Thanks for the parking tip!

  4. and if youre coming from north on 110th you have to almost loop the whole damn lot unless you know to take a left on 8th and right into the parking lotttt

  5. and the P3 lot in the Amethyst section ALWAYS smells like disgusting garbage. I think its the ‘food waste’ pipes coming down from Artisinal & the steak place. all in all the parking lot there is disaster

  6. Great tip! I haven’t made it to the Bravern yet, but when I do, I’ll know where to go! Thank you! Great post!