Din Tai Fung Bellevue Lincoln SquareThere has been a flurry of talk amongst the foodie rumor mill since spring, but as more details are being released, the day is getting closer before Bellevue can say they are one of the fortunate cities to have a Din Tai Fung – the award-winning family of dumpling-style restaurants in half a dozen countries across Asia. Set to open this fall on Lincoln Square’s 2nd floor near the sky bridge that connects Lincoln Square and Bellevue Place, the Bellevue location will be the only other US location, second to the one in the Los Angeles area. The new restaurant will fill the only location that has gone unoccupied since Lincoln Square’s opening. The space is 7,000 square feet and will seat 220 customers.

Dumplings Din Tai Fung Bellevue Lincoln SquareSo what’s the big deal about dumplings? It’s the exotic xiao long bao or soup dumplings that have captured the interest and obsession of many who have been fortunate to sample these traditional delights; many restaurants may try, but most often fail at the tricky preparation. Freshly-made dough formed into a small parcel holding a savory pork broth, then steamed to perfection; it sounds like magic, a strange and wonderful combination of opposites. The dumpling dough is rolled delicately thin, but with enough elasticity to fully encapsulate broth, which is gelatinized to allow for it to be used as a stuffing. The texture has been described as truly unique and almost dream-like, as it’s a combination of both solid and liquid, with the delightful sensation of taking a bite out of soup. For many who have traveled overseas, as far as Taipei for the real thing, the arrival of Din Tai Fung and its internationally-recognized soup dumpling prowess is welcome news for those looking for a truly unique food experience. The Din Tai Fung staff is currently in training to perfect their dumpling-making art, and their progress can be seen at a viewing area in Bellevue Square Mall as a promotion for the upcoming opening.

Along with their soup dumplings, Din Dai Fung’s menu includes other popular and well-recognized favorites like steamed pork buns, as well as pork and shrimp shaomai, but when the lines start to form, definitely make a note to remember xiao long bao when placing your order this coming fall.


  1. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss.

    That is all.

  2. Wish I was there to try it! I will definately be visiting and paying a visit to this placed when it opens!

  3. My gourmet friend literally jumped out of sheet when he heard about this news. My other Japanese friend said it’s super popular all over Japan. I can’t wait!

  4. OMG, yes, yes, yes. Dribble, dribble, dribble.

  5. This is huge. It means we won’t have to drive to Richmond, BC to taste genuine XLB. Believe me, there are lot of followings on this special Chinese delicatessen, which is really a native Shanghainese food, but for reasons mentioned in the article, not many places can do it right. I just hope it sticks around for a while, which can be tough in today’s economy. Also, I hope the restaurant offers some basic trainings on how to properly eat these dumplings, otherwise customers would be scared away after their first burning experience 🙂 Basically you need to hold a Chinese soup spoon in one hand, pick the dumpling in ther other hand using a pair of chopsticks, and slowly bite into the dumping, making sure the soup does not splash out, ruining your cloth or burning your tongue…

  6. I can’t wait. As much as I hate lines and waiting I hope enough people fall in love with it as much as I have to keep them in business.

    I think a good way to eat is to take a bite out of the top, so that the soup stays in, then give the soup a quick blow to cool it down a bit,then sip the soup, but not all of it at once, so that you can take a bite of the entire thing at once, enjoying the melding of the meat and the soup and the dumpling shell all at once.

  7. AMAZING is one word to describe it.

    Enough of the dingy Chinatown-style joints, I hope more upscale Chinese restaurants will open in this area so we don’t have to drive to Vancouver for top-notch Chinese food.

  8. I *love* their food, good to see that they are coming to Bellevue! I am curious if they will be a close match to the Din Tai Fung restaurants in Asia.

  9. OK – so WHEN exactly is it openning?

  10. I am IN LOVE with this place! Been to Taipei’s original, then sought DTF out when we passed through Singapore City to Denpasar. Even my non-foodie husband, a meat-and-potatoes guy, said, “MMM. These are quite tasty.” I only partially heard him as I was freaking out over the xiao long bao. DTF should do well with the large number of built-in fans/high anticipation in Bellevue.

  11. What happened to this place?? Is it ever opening?

  12. It will open in November, rumored to be on 11/08, posted on their official website.