Over the past 2 weeks scavengers have explored Downtown Bellevue to find miniature cows and sea stars to redeem for lunches at John Howie Steak or Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar.

Each of the 6 days was a new adventure, keeping those following the campaign on their toes! Thank you to all who ventured out during the ‘Downtown Bellevue Howie Hunt.’ We had great fun with this campaign. Special thanks go out to the teams at John Howie Steak and Seastar.

Also, we couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of the Downtown businesses in Bellevue that helped to host the prizes. Below are the clues that were given on each of the 6 days, coupled with the winning locations:

Tuesday, March 1st
Day 1: Clue – A prize to you we will anoint – from the concierge at Bellevue’s highest point
Location: Bellevue Towers Concierge North Tower

Wednesday, March 2nd
Day 2: Clue – Your sweet “reward” awaits in Bellevue’s most luxurious cupcake selling place.
Location: Trophy Cupcakes at The Bravern

Thursday, March 3rd
Day 3: Clue – Gourmet kitchens and twenty stories high in the Ashwood Neighborhood you must try.
Location: Ashton

Tuesday March 8th
Day 4: Clue – Wells Fargo banking and a good cup of joe to find the prize that only Matt the Valet will know
Location: Civica Valet – Matt

Wednesday March 9th
Day 5: Clue – Swedish, Deep tissue or Cross Fiber Friction a good massage will cure your affliction. You “knead” to head to the Galleria before the delicious prize says “see ya!” Also a 2010 BDA Haute Picks winner.
Location: Galleria – Dr. Matheny

Thursday March 10th
Day 6 Clue: 733 places to rest your head and 53,000 event sq ft, is where you’ll find the next Howie Treat!
Location: Hyatt Regency Bellevue Concierge

If you were one of our lucky winners, you have until March 31st to redeem your lunch at John Howie Steak or Seastar.

We look forward to doing this again!

– Downtown Bellevue Network Team


  1. The Ashton clue was probably the hardest.

    I thought Day 5 was at Gene Juarez. I didn’t think Dr Matheny’s office counted as part of the Galleria – more like *behind* the Galleria.

    Which ones had cows and which ones had starfish?

  2. If they do this again, I think it would be more interesting for the prizes to be scattered around outdoors to find so they require actual searching rather than just going somewhere and hoping you get there fast enough.

  3. Me too! I thought and was hoping it was Gene Juarez, too.

  4. And boy..did they go fast! I was at the Wells Fargo within 30min after seeing the mail, and they were gone. Matt, the valet he was out of the cows, so at least that one was a cow. How many were given out each day?

  5. 4 each day. It was unfortunate that the cows were gone before the emails were received sometimes – you had to be sharp and keep an eye on Facebook.

    And some weekend competitions would be good too for residents rather than just people who work there.

    On another note, do we get to keep our cows even after redemption?

  6. This is great feedback, and we DO intend on running another Howie Hunt at a later date, so YES..please turn in your toys.

    We have some great ideas to make the next one tougher to find, and add even bigger prizes.

    Stay tuned…maybe next fall?

    On another note…Kudos to the DBN team for making it such a pleasure to work with. Cheers!