Microsoft Way BellevueMicrosoft Corporation, well known for its charitable giving, upped the ante today. In a move to stake claim in its high-tech home town, Microsoft has given $1.5MM to the City of Bellevue in exchange for the naming rights of street that has currently been known as ‘Bellevue Way.’ On April 15th, the street that runs as the North-South arterial through Downtown Bellevue will be renamed ‘Microsoft Way.’ Signage will be updated overnight.

Microsoft has an enormous footprint in Downtown Bellevue and occupies office locations at The Bravern, City Center, Bellevue Place, Civica, and Lincoln Square. The funds that the City of Bellevue receives from Microsoft will be put into the AFD Fund.

Click here for the full release from Microsoft.


  1. If I were to choose I’d rename 110th Ave NE Microsoft Way, or maybe Bellevue-Microsoft Ave (Bel-Mic Ave??)

  2. I thought that there was only ONE Microsoft Way.

  3. Actually how about Bing Blvd.

  4. April fools?!?

  5. That’s an April Fools if I ever saw one

  6. good one! but it would have been more believable if you had stuck to 110th or 108th.

  7. That was a good one!! hahaha And the light-rail, we should call it “the explorer” LOL

  8. You got me last year with the gentlemans club but not this year 🙂

  9. I wonder how much Kevin Wallace got for brokering that deal?