Café Censura Ashton Downtown BellevueCafé Cesura plans to open soon at the base of Ashton Bellevue Luxury Apartments, situated at 1015 108th Ave. NE, in downtown Bellevue.

Café Censura will offer specialty coffee, inspired by the espresso culture of Paris. The café has partnered with Stumptown Coffee Roasters to source beans that are sustainable, traceable, and ethical, according to its website.

The café’s menu will feature Mediterranean small plates, sandwiches, and seasonal produce grown by local farmers.

Ashton Bellevue


  1. LivesAcrossTheStreet

    Actually … Censura rolls off the tongue better. I kinda like it.

  2. But, if they change the name, what are they going to do with all the pre-printed letterhead paper they ordered?

  3. Nice! Kinda hope they can get some good bakery.

    Not a fan of Panera Bread… and French Bakery is too far a walk from WA Square.

  4. Johnson T Picket

    Tough location

  5. It is kinda interesting isn’t it?

    Sadly, downtown Bellevue still doesn’t have a walking culture and the store fronts at the bottom of condos are quite tough as you observed.

    You’d think with all those high-rise condos and apartments, there should be enough density to support some local shops… well… =(