Bellevue’s Local MarketThere’s going to be a new supermarket coming into Downtown Bellevue soon – the lot on Bellevue Way NE, where the old Safeway market was located, is set to become the new home of Your Local Market, a large grocery store focused on specialty and organic foods.

With a combination of mainstream brands and artisanal, natural products, Your Local Market is a grocery store aiming to be the best of both worlds – a place to pick up weekly staples, as well as a resource for finding healthy, fresh ingredients. With its downtown-central location, they are offering a combination of grocery store aisle goods, as well as a wide menu of prepared foods and an in-house bakery where items are made from scratch. Your Local Market is taking note of busy lifestyles, offering a online ordering service, with home or office delivery within three miles of the store. If you live or work outside of the three-mile radius, they offer a curbside pickup for online orders.

As of yet, a definitive grand opening hasn’t been announced, but the location is set. As more shoppers target organic goods, Your Local Market is one of many grocery stores that are prioritizing the quality of produce and helping people make healthy choices.


  1. I thought eventually they were going to put that building down cuz its kind of an eye sore, now they have a consignment store where bartells used to be and now a local market. I think the local market may be a good idea, I just wish they would make a new building in that area.

    also, although this market could be different from Whole foods, there still are so many other large food stores around like Safeway, GFC and like I said Wholefoods, it kinda seems like too much food stores around the same area

  2. I guess this means that Kemper has decided against Lincoln Square two???

  3. I thought Lincoln Square 2 was going there! What happened?

  4. Definitely like more grocery stores in downtown (for folks to WALK to), but it’s a shame that more housing/office use won’t be built on this massively underdeveloped parcel for several years now (LS 2 is probably now at least a decade away from happening, which is very sad).

  5. Back when the old Safeway closed, it was expected that demolition and construction on Lincoln Square two would be happening within months. That was roughly three months before the economy tanked, and we all know how that turned out. I suspect it will eventually happen, but there’s just too many retail vacancies in Downtown right now to expect that LS2 wouldn’t find itself sitting mostly empty for several years.

    Not that I’m complaining. I’m pretty sure LS2 would mess up the nice view from my workplace at KeyCenter anyway.