blue-martini-bellevue-bravern-grand-openingA chic martini lounge will celebrate its grand opening in downtown Bellevue next week.

Blue Martini will host its grand opening at 4pm on Friday, Feb. 10, at The Shops at The Bravern. The event includes live music by Remix and Ashley Red.

The lounge features more than 40 specialty martinis as well as casual dining. Food and drink specials will be offered throughout the grand opening weekend.

Blue Martini is open from 4pm to 2am Monday through Friday, and noon to 2am Saturday and Sunday. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 7pm daily, and each night offers live music.

On Wednesdays, patrons can participate in a raffle drawing for a chance to win a designer handbag or an iPad.


  1. I plan on going and am going to round up some friends. 40 speciality martinis? Wow! That’s quite a selection!

  2. Do they charge a cover? I saw wednesday is free for ladies so made me wonder…

  3. I went last Thurs with a group of girls and I was really impressed. Flat bread was amazing and martini’s were yummy. The best part in my opinion was the live band playing behind the bar…wow! The band is called Ashely Red and they are awesome. Bellevue NEEDED live music. If you are looking for a fun night on the eastside this is the place. I can’t wait to try out the other menu options!

  4. So this is a review of 2s…. First, lets start by saying I don’t write reviews. Second, lets setup some credibility…, I’m the sweet spot for what the Blue Martini would want as a guest…..First, I’m in Tech –network engineer (certs aside, I work everyday with Cisco fully converged networks). Second, I work in hospitality (Condé Nast, reader’s choice award for 2012). Together, I know the capabilities of what luxury service can be in Seattle. As I hear my wife crying from our bathroom, I can say with total honesty and conviction — the Blue Martini satisfies none of these things. Moreover, we (my wife & I) do not feel safe at the Blue Martini.

    First — and most importantly we do not feel safe at the Blue Martini. My wife had only 2 drinks and she was literally delirious. It is my belief that someone put something in her drink. You could argue that this is not responsibility of the Blue martini but I would disagree. They have way too many guests for their space and it leads to an out of control environment –Either way, thank God I was with my wife! I have never in my 7 years of marriage seen her so disoriented. She had only 2 martinis!! Hell, one was an espresso martini ( its more sugar than alcohol). Something happened… my wife is/was really scared and very disoriented. She just couldn’t understand how two drinks could make her this confused.

    Second, not as important but still makes me REALLY frustrated — the service. Lets drill into this — First, I know what impeccable service looks like — I see it everyday where I work. The Blue Martini clearly did not offer top shelf service. Eight tops managed by no one ?!?! Really!?!? Ya, i know you think some one was there but I’m sorry there was no one. I ended up going to the bar, then to the kitchen entrance before I could close my ticket. — Even at the kitchen entrance it took me sticking out my hand to a manager to grab his attention. Dominic, looked scared at the fact I offered my handshake and that I was asking for some help. Sadly, he was not alone. Most managers there (anyone with an earpiece) that passed by, did not even offer eye contact as I stood at the Kitchen’s entrance. Finally, when I did talk to the server of our table she explained that it was MY FAULT for not asking for the check. Apparently, she was talking to someone else in our group?!?! — A DEFENSIVE POSTURE DOES NOTHING WHEN TALKING TO A GUEST.

    I tipped her 18% because I know its not just her fault — clearly it was a very bad comedy management errors…. None of which justify a $16 martini.

    … oh, and I’ll never go back or recommend the Blue Martini in Bellevue.

  5. @John Avellar

    1st, why does being a network engineer make you the target demographic for Blue Martini? All that says is that you more than likely make descent living to afford the prices that come with establishments in Bellevue. (Bravern, Lincoln/Bellevue Square, etc)

    2nd, bad service and the fact that your wife can’t handle 2 martinis doesn’t constitute the review that you wrote even by someone who says they don’t write reviews.

    I live in downtown Bellevue and while I haven’t been to Blue Martini yet, I have been to almost every lounge/restaurant within the core area. My point is, somedays you get lackluster service but that doesn’t warrant the type of review you posted with 1 visit.