Scotty Browns Bellevue
A sign outside one of the empty retail spaces at Elements Too has announced that Scotty Browns, a restaurant and lounge will open in the fall of this year.

Scotty Browns menu is inspired by comfort food. The menu features items such as salads, pizzas, burgers, fish and chicken bowls, pans and grills, and more.

The restaurant currently has 2 locations in Bellingham. The existing restaurants are known for more than just food, they aim to be a place to socialize with friends. To learn more about Scotty Browns visit their website.


  1. Based on the menu, it looks overpriced. When even Lunchbox Laboratory is cheaper (after some recent price drops) you’re going to have a bit of a tough sell.

  2. I’ve eaten at the main Bellingham location 3 times. I’ve got food poisoning 3 times. F this place!!

  3. Scotty Beezy’s is probably the premier restaurant for all Washingtonians. It is top 3 in my book. I’ve never tasted an aioli as good as Scotty’s!